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Since I have found myself enjoying the opportunity to explore Indy (Indianapolis) and nearby areas for this blog, I thought I would allow everyone to know where all I have went (linking to that post) and what cool things that location had going for it. I don't think things like locations should be kept secret as why shouldn't more people enjoy them?

2700 W. 116th St. Carmel, IN 46032

Another beauty that I found via Yelp! This place is wonderful for photos, recreation, and hanging with my two year old nephew. There is a fairly big parking lot, splash pads, play toys, slides, and swings. There are also trails that go over water - which you can see in my photos in THIS blog post. The boardwalk over the water (with lily pads!) is curved, so it is wonderful for photos. There are also fields of flowers and grasses shown in the post HERE.

10410 Hague Rd Fishers, IN 46038
As stated in my blog post HERE, this place does have rules regulating photos. They aren't too strange though. Essentially that you stay on the trails (including all photographic equipment), and that you do not pick or pick up anything from the environment to use in your photographs. IE do not pick wildflowers from there to use as a prop. That's to protect the ecosystem in the environment. The trails are SUPER easy and there are trails through fields, over water, and even through a swamp as I showcase in THIS post.

1427 N. Park Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46202

I called this an urban oasis in my post. I called it that, because it entirely is. Though it is extremely small in nature, you will be highly impressed by how much there is inside the "walls" of this park. There's an impressive fountain, benches, gaslights, a gazebo, and so many other lovely details. Great to take photos in or to just getaway amidst the city.

19777 Morse Park Lane  Noblesville, IN 46060
I spent my middle school and high school years living within walking distance of this place. I must say it has changed considerably throughout the years. It is MUCH more maintained now. 

Photographically? There is a beach and a cool swing that overlooks the water. If you're going this route, get there early as people fish and people play on the beach and whatnot.
If you park in the main lot (right off the entrance) and follow the fence to the left, you'll also discover a trail that leads down. You need tennis shoes or hiking shoes to go down this (or rather to make it back up). This trail will lead you to where I shot THIS post. This is definitely more secluded. There were fishermen down there when I was, but they were further back down the channel.

 19401 N Allisonville Road Noblesville, IN 46062

You can't live by a covered bridge and never visit!

My sister actually took her wedding photos here, which is where I got the idea for the photos in THIS blog post. Taking photos while sitting by the open windows allows for a very interesting lighting effect. There are so many options! Oh and Potters bridge park has plenty of trails and fields too!

I also shot another photoset there (HERE) against a maintenance building that is directly behind the bridge. 

701 Cicero Road Noblesville, IN 46060

I used to walk to this park all the time as a high schooler too. There are plenty of paved trails, a railroad track, a carousel, and so many more photo opportunities! There's also a little memorial (I think?) garden by where I shot the photos for THIS post. It's just a bit behind the skate park (or in front of depending on your direction)

Waterfall Road Richmond, IN 47374

This is possibly the easiest to access waterfall I have ever encountered. Park on the gravel lane across from the park. Take the trail to the left of the entrance to the steel mill workers property. Do NOT go into the steel mill driveway - that is private property - stay on the trail!. The trail will lead you to concrete steps. At the bottom of the steps is the waterfalls! Less than 5 minutes from that gravel lane. See photos of the waterfall in my blog post HERE


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great location! I will have to check them out 😁

    1. No problem! I know some people like to keep locations all hush hush, but why shouldn't everyone enjoy?


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